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Since most any two words can and will be put together in this world, what with us being Homo Loquens and all, it is easy just to shrug when you hear new colloquies like 'social software,' 'social networking' or 'social computing' and dismiss them as just three more inevitable permutations in a world of whirling words and phrases. But this time, trust me, things are different. I would go so far as to say that "social computing," far from being just a random word-combo along the lines of wannabe duos like "air walking," "base jumping," "text messaging" and suchlike, is that fabled "New New Thing" (a reference to Michael Lewis's invaluable book of that name, documenting Netscape's Jim Clark's serial webpreneurship in the heady days of the Internet Boom 1.0). In other words, Social Computing is about to turn the Web world upside down. Before I explain how and why, let us ju... (more)

iPhone Update: GyPSii Takes Social Networking Mobile

The Dutch-based geo-location and social networking service provider GyPSii has released a new web-based GyPSii iPhone application. GyPSii also confirmed that it would produce a 'native' version of its application using Apple's Software Developer Kit (SDK) which is scheduled to be launched later this week, providing seamless access for all Apple users, from the desktop, to the iPhone. "We don’t want iPhone users who were keen social networkers to have to wait any longer for the only social networking platform specifically designed for location-enabled mobile phones to be available for their handset," said GyPSii CEO, Dan Harple. "We’ll work with the SDK as soon as it becomes available,” he continued, “and then we will be uniquely offering both web and native versions of our application for iPhone users.” GyPSii is taking advantage of its e... (more)

Social Networks: The New Frontier for Spammers?

This past September, Concordia University in Montreal took the step of banning Facebook access in libraries and study halls for its 40,000 students. The problem: a growing overload on University networks from email spam generated by spammers who were using student social network contacts as targets for their spam, coupled with increased exposure to hacking and phishing attacks. Is targeting email addresses from social networks a new frontier for spammers? "Spam has gone to Web 2.0 with social networking," said David Poellhuber, president and CEO of ZEROSPAM, a global provider of outsourced IT security services that include email filtering, high-availability DNS service, remote monitoring, and advanced email hosting. "By focusing on social networks, spammers have found that they can be even more targeted and pervasive with their emails than they can with traditiona... (more)

CNO - Chief Networking Officer

In this article, we will discuss the paradigm shift that the modern world offers the global corporate market. Several challenges and opportunities are found embedded in various scenarios. Among these we can highlight the evolution in today's corporate world of a new business model. They could be called "virtual, agile and global networking enterprises".   A new business expertise is required; Business Network Management. The architect of a Business Network Management project is the CNO - Chief Networking Officer, someone with leadership responsibilities focused on the future. We are walking at large steps towards the society of knowledge, communication and entertainment. Knowledge is power that enables decision-making. Proper communication is what connects people in engaging and meaningful discussions. Entertainment is a common factor of interest to all people regard... (more)

Is President Obama a Chief Networking Officer?

The power of politics. The power of the web! The web will convert people into relationships in the CNO’s network .  If nurtured properly with win-win propositions, this network will become your power partners. The management of social capital is a critical role of the CNO.  Follow my drift?  This is exactly what President Obama’s campaign did very well. President Obama has been credited with being a pioneer when it comes to the Internet and moving it to the mainstream of political life.  Grass roots marketing and the use of the Internet by the Obama campaign helped overcome a huge lead by Hillary Clinton early in the nominating race. One aspect, the online presence and site had easy-to-employ tools, allowing those interested in finding out more, helping out, being present – virtually and contributing financially, etc.  Making people feel like they were “making a d... (more)

Boosting Your Confidence in Presentations

How is it that normally secure, confident, outgoing people can feel so nervous about giving a presentation? A recent survey of the top 10 things people most dreaded showed Public Speaking as top of the list closely followed by Death! Presumably if you were asked to give a eulogy at a funeral you would prefer to be in the ‘box'. It is likely, as a manager, that you will be asked to present in some form or other to an audience. It may be something informal such as a "Good Luck and Thank-you" speech to a departing employee or a full-on presentation to the board. So what is it that prevents people from being themselves when it comes to public speaking? The main factor is ‘stage-fright', when you move centre stage and all the attention is on you, and you freeze. You are like a rabbit caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle at night. You are powerless; your legs fe... (more)

The Most Important Marketing Question

I was listening to a product launch webinar early this morning. The speakers were droning on and on about technology and architecture and innovation.  Not a customer benefit in sight - other than the usual generic claims of 'market leading' performance,' unmatched' reliability, 'next generation' features and all the other 'me toos'.  To be fair, the vendor was presenting the product facts quite well.  But they were leaving it to their listeners to sift through the technology claims to apply its capabilities to their own situation. This is a high risk approach. Especially if your competitors are sharing powerful stories that hits those listeners right between their eyes. The simple fact is that marketing is not about you. It's about your customers and how your company or solution can help them be successful in their business. You're probably thinking "But I have cust... (more)

Dayton Parts Simplifies Data Distribution with Automated File Transfer

As a manufacturer and distributor of thousands of parts for light and heavy-duty trucks, Dayton Parts' primary focus is on their customers. They know that sending personalized price sheets to their valued customers on a regular basis is good business. This detailed personal attention continues to produce new and loyal customers. As the customer base grew, the amount of effort to create and distribute the personalized price sheets began to affect productivity. Dayton Parts realized they needed to automate their file transfer process, so they started the search for an application that would streamline the distribution process. "Now with GoAnywhere Director the system can run the complete automated transfer process in just 3 hours, versus 6 days!” Rusty Foust – Project Manager at Dayton Parts Steering in a New Direction - Automating File Transfers IBM i (iSeries) servers... (more)

CNO Part 2: Computer Network Defense

This is the second installation on my series about Computer Network Operations (CNO).  The last blog explored the actions known as Computer Network Exploitation (CNE), and as always, please feel free to comment.  Today, the topic switches from exploitation to defense. Computer Network Defense (CND): Includes actions taken via computer networks to protect, monitor, analyze, detect and respond to network attacks, intrusions, disruptions or other unauthorized actions that would compromise or cripple defense information systems and networks. Joint Pub 6.0 further outlines Computer Network Defense as an aspect of NetOps. CND essentially means keeping the bad guys out and from acquiring or altering our information.  This is something that the United States has not been particularly successful with recently.  There has been progress made, however, largely due to the recogn... (more)

The Biggest Social Networking Company You've Never Heard of ... Community Connect, Inc. Proves Profitability and Increased Membership Through Niche Relevancy Ten Years and Counting

NEW YORK, Aug. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- The first niche online social network, Community Connect, Inc., continues to innovate online social networking with the re-launch of their properties: AsianAvenue.com , MiGente.com , and BlackPlanet.com . BlackPlanet.com is the largest dedicated African American website maintaining a larger black audience than any other social networking Web site. Community Connect is the leader in online community destinations for US ethnic groups and multicultural audiences with more than 16 million registered members and 500 million monthly page views. Launched in 1997 by a group of technology visionaries, Community Connect has distinguished itself in the social networking space by focusing on both member growth and monetization. While many sites claim unique visitors, Community Connect generates more revenue and profitability per unique visitor ... (more)

Pluck Powers Social Media for Film.com and RollingStone.com

Pluck® Corporation announced today that it is now powering social media capabilities across leading Web entertainment properties Film.com® and RollingStone.com®. Attracting combined monthly audiences of more than 10 million, Film.com and RollingStone.com will use the integrated Pluck platform to further accelerate the use of social media tools by their readers. “Our primary focus is delivering the very best in high quality social entertainment and editorial content to millions of viewers online,” said Elizabeth Coppinger, vice president of video services for RealNetworks®. “The integration of the Pluck social media tools throughout RollingStone.com and Film.com expands how people engage with our content, our brand and one another.” Film.com and RollingStone.com draw savvy audiences that are accustomed to using social networks and technology a... (more)